As part of our consultative approach we are well versed in all aspects of brand strategy.


Pulse Brand Builder 

We understand the value of a brand is not just a catchy name and a sexy logo design. In truth it runs much deeper than that. The brand communicates the overall principals of your business and the core values that you associate with your business. As a business you are communicating not only to other businesses but to society in general.

We apply a six stage process  for businesses who are looking to create, re-focus or re-energies their brand.

Stage One – Brand Audit – A complete internal & external analysis of your brand & market sector.

Stage Two – Brand Strategy – Armed with intelligence from the Audit we start to define a core strategy.

Stage Three – Brand Identity – Informed from the strategy, this creative stage unveils all characteristics of your brand and personality.

Stage Four – Internal Brand Delivery – Decide upon appropriate internal documents for the workforce including office decor, signage props.

Stage Five – External Brand Delivery – Agree communication channels, determine how to communicate brand to all external services, create all relevant marketing collateral.

Stage Six – Brand Management – Actively cultivate brand understanding among all employees, providing them with brand training and tools to consistently deliver communications and personal interactions.

Process Introduction 

We conduct an initial meeting with Senior management to discuss the Pulse Brand Builder process, timescales and fees.  Agree upon the research and discovery methods alongside agreeable timescales and commencement date.

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